8160 mg CBD-Infused Coconut Oil

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  • All-Natural Ingredients
  • Balances Endocannabinoid System
  • Produced in Large Batches
  • Verified by Third Party Laboratory
  • Healthy, Non-toxic Medicine
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Healthy Endocannabinoid Systems are Balanced with All-Natural CBD Plant Medicine

Our Cannabis-infused Coconut Oil is an all-natural, non-toxic, non-GMO medicine, tested and verified by a third party laboratory.

ALL CBD Coconut Oil is packaged in a variety of containers to suit your fancy, ranging from 108mg CBD in 3 grams of infused coconut oil, all the way up to 8160mg CBD in 8oz of infused coconut oil, with discounted prices/mg for larger containers.

Cultivated, harvested, and processed by members of Allodium, from planting day to shipping day, we take full responsibility for the quality of All CBD medicine, which is our primary concern.

We prioritize quality control and consistency of our CBD-infused coconut oil by producing it in large batches which can be monitored carefully during processing, and then tested to ensure quality and consistency.

ALL CBD Coconut Oil is Decarboxylated. Decarbing is a heating process which, when done properly, activates the acid form of CBD, called cannabidiolic acid, or CBDa, converting it into cannabidiol, or CBD, which is actively sought for its medicinal benefits.

During the decarboxylation, tiny bubbles are visible in the coconut oil, which is the CO2 is off-gassing.

Cannabis also contains many different terpenes, which are medicinally active organic compounds, sensed by humans by scent and taste. As the decarbing process heats up, water boils off at 212 deg F, and some terpenes boil off as well.

Keeping the temperature below 260 deg F ensures that terpene loss is minimal while the CBDa is able to fully decarboxylate into CBD.

After decarbing, the oil is allowed to cool , samples are taken for laboratory testing, and the oil is separated out and packaged into individual containers.

Every Batch of ALL CBD Cannabis-Infused Coconut Oil is tested by a third party laboratory, certified in the State of Vermont.

Batch #1, on left with no sample picture, had the highest results of CBD tested so far, at 7.77%!

Batch #1 is all Sold Out!

Batch #2, on right with white sample container, has ideal test results with 4.91% CBD and .30% THC.

Batch #2 is available in limited supply.

Batch #3, below, is the Batch that is currently most available.

Batch #3 is available while supplies last!

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If you’re ready to introduce nature’s medicine for healthy and balanced endocannabinoid systems, try ALL CBD cannabis-infused coconut oil today!

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