Product Testing

Every Batch of ALL CBD coconut oil is tested by a third party laboratory. The lab tests for five different cannabinoid contents: CBD, CBDa, THC, THCa, and CBN. Products

CBD Batch #1 is all Sold Out!

CBD Batch #2

With CBD Levels at a combined 4.91%, and THC levels at .30%,
We were very satisfied with the results from Batch #2!

Most of Batch #2 is already Sold Out, but there is still a limited supply available!

CBD Batch #3

Batch #3 has slightly lower CBD levels and slightly higher THC levels than Batch #2, so Batch #3 is not being shipped, but is available via sovereign courier.

CBD Batch #4

Made by further decarbing and then diluting Batch #3, Batch #4 is our standard strength ALL CBD coconut oil. Available in capsules, tins, and plastic containers, Batch #4 products ship within the US.